Karifi African Dance Band

Karifi African Dance Band

Karifi is a Ghanaian word which has numerous meanings.

It means being strong, powerful, as well as courageous.

The group is called Karifi because of their powerful drumming, singing and dancing style.

Their drumming style is a combination of drumming skills from various regions of Africa.

The group was started in 2000 by various African artists residing in Australia.

They have a wealth of drumming experience, which was learned as young boys.

After performing in several gigs individually the members decided to collaborate as a group called Karifi.

Drumming is embedded in African culture, and was passed down from generation to generation finally to the men who make up Karifi.

Drumming and singing are viewed as a form of communication in Africa, and they have to have the skills and training in order to be able to pass on the right message at the right time.

Drumming in some parts of Africa can be used to announce the birth of a child, announce a death or festival.

Being Africans, they use the music of their roots as a communicative tool, this was passed down from their elders.

Over the years they have nurtured the skills learnt as young boys and have come up with a Karifi drumming and African dance style which symbolises and embodies their rich African culture and heritage.

African dance, drumming and singing is their passion. Without doubt they are the African drumming band Sydney has taken to their heart!